Pastor’s Desk

In times like these…

It was a song that we sang in our family quartet group. These words point to moments in life where we are often reminded to pray, or be steadfast, etc. Uncertainty, fear, change are all good reason to enact this famous phrase but hold on, its going to be alright.

We have wars going on all around us and challenges to our very existence but if we panic now, we invalidate the very sacrifice that makes us heirs to the Kingdom. I am not so concerned about the here and now that I can not function or that I can not move about and finish the work I was called to. It is also true that even if it got harder, that does not change the requirements for living a saved life. I still have to talk about Jesus, spread his message, help his people, and so on.

What I am saying is that if your call and election is sure, then you dont have to change just because everything else does. As a matter of fact, you must expect change and be prepared to deal with it while He is yet on his way.