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Higher Ground

Pastor James E Alberts II

Pastor James E Alberts II

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1st Lady Natoyia Alberts

1st Lady Natoyia Alberts

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Busy since the beginning, Higher Ground Church has always been about doing for Central Minnesota and beyond. Our works and the drive to continue to do them, are inspired by God’s Love to provide for his people. We are here to complete that task daily, to the best of our ability, and to learn ways to do it better tomorrow.

Higher Ground was founded in 2001 by Elder James E Alberts II and it started having services in August of that year in the cafeteria South Junior High in St Cloud, MN. Over the years we have moved locations to suit the size of the growing ministry, but we have always kept in mind our number one goal, ministering to a needy world in Body, Mind, and Spirit. The works of Higher Ground have never been limited to the boundaries of the building and our Pastor leads by example in this way by participating in the community around us at the National, State, and local levels. It is the belief of this church that we are not be of the world, but we have a role to play in it. We are continuously working to turn around the lives of those that find themselves ready for a change and we look forward to seeing the new faces that God brings into our doors. Our focus on the children means that we do what we can to preach, teach, and empower children and their parents in matters of growth and development to a Higher level of living. to found out more, please come by or send us an email church@headinghigher.com.

The Church of God in Christ

The Seal of the Church of God in Christ

The Seal of the Church of God in Christ

A pentecostal denomination founded at the turn of the 19th century after several events lead the founder father of the church, Charles H. Mason, to begin a walk that would turn the world on its head. Now in 2016, over one hundred years later, that church is one of the largest pentecostal denominations in the world and one of the fast growing. With churches in over 80 countries and over 10 million members,  the Church of God in Christ is has established itself as an oasis of the Holy Ghost in a world that continues to prove itself in the need of a little more Jesus. To find out more about the Church of God in Christ, click here.

The Minnesota Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction

Under the Leadership of Bishop Fred W. Washington, the Minnesota Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ has been serving this state for over 90 years. In that time thousands of members and their families have turned to the church as a beacon for Spiritual Guidance and Social Justice. The Minnesota Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction is committed to spreading the work of Christ and the church by equipping its member churches with the tools that are needed to create and maintain prosperous congregations around the state of Minnesota. To find out more about the Minnesota Jurisdiction, click here.