The spiritual leadership of Higher Ground is an experienced group of men and women dedicated to the spiritual health, growth, and development of the children of God. Many years of educations and experience are housed under one roof, to effectively accomplish the work of the church.


Pastor James E Alberts II

Pastor, Teacher, Mr Break-it-Down

Elder James E. Alberts II

Pastor Alberts is a dynamic teacher with a heart for learning. Called to the ministry as a young man, he has used that time to sharpen his understanding of the Word of God and its limitless applications in life. As an engineer, he always brings a unique perspective to the conversation no matter what the topic. His aim in as a leaders is to grow everyones understanding of themselves and how they are a part of the master plan. Dedicated to excellence in ministry in all of its forms keeps this Man of God busy, but he always manages to make time for his sheep.


1st Lady Natoyia M. Alberts

Encourager, Supporter, Mrs. Break-It-Down… and Tell it like it is.

1st Lady Natoyia Alberts

Half of the Dynamic Duo at the head of our church, 1st Lady Natoyia Alberts is a force in her own right. As administrator to a busy church and pastor, her ability to organize and structure the details of this growing ministry are challenged every day. On top of that, she is a great leader of the women of the church, pulling on the years of wisdom she gained sitting and studying under other great women of God. In every way she leads by example both in and out of the four walls of the church, and she does it with poise and greatness.


Asp Missionary Janice Sims

Prayer Warrior, Worshiper, Ms. Love-the-Lord

Aspiring Missionary Janice Sims

Someone is praying for you, and chances are Aspiring Missionary Janice Sims is the one that is doing the praying. Her on life journey informs her passion and drive to participate not only in her local church but in her community as a whole. In all the things that she does, rarely is she ever caught doing it for herself. She wants you to know that she loves the Lord and she loves you to.

Dr George Rogers

Sunday School Man, Experience, Educator, Keep-it-Straight

Dr. George Rodgers

A veteran in the natural and a verteran in the spiritual, Dr George Rodgers has seen too much to beat around the bush. His philosophy of straight talk earns the respect of all around him. He is a dedicated Sunday School teacher and preacher, schooled in the word and certfied to teach the same. His faithful works allow many to set their standards by him and he is looked upon in times where a solid word is needed.

Minister Al Smith

Singer, Songwriter, Mr. God-is-real

Minister Al Smith

As the story goes, King David of Israel would call for the mucians when a word was required of the Lord. Minister Al Smith is in that vain of muscian that can be called upon to make demons tremble. If the mouth speaks what is mostly in the heart, then Minister Smith’s heart is full of joy. He is a leader of women and men who seek to partner with him in serving the praise and worship needs of God’s Temple and he has the vision to take it to all points beyond.

Rev. Buddy King

Preacher, Musician, Mr. Excited, Soundman

Rev. Buddy King

A universal soldier for God, the Rev Buddy King participates at every level of service possible. His service and ability to serve is only outdone by his heart that has room for everyone. He serves his church at a high level and his community at an even higher level with the understanding that we are better together.