The object that is in the way of your breakthrough.

Historically, stones were used as a barrier between the evil spirits of the dead and the living.  Stones that were placed on graves were used to keep the thieves from robbing the dead.
In Jesus’ case, there were stones made of rock and stones made of flesh. You see, there were soldiers that were placed in front of the grave in addition to the stone that had  been placed there. The fear was that someone would either come and steal the body of Jesus and claim that he was resurrected or that someone would take the body to prevent the others from claiming the resurrection. So the stones of flesh were placed in front of the tomb also. But Jesus moved them too.

When we look at the goal of resurrection, we can lose sight of all the things that God was doing because we accept the simple and do not press in. But if you look at what is going on, a intricate tapestry is being spelled out.

The use of the stone represents a temporary rest, a marker of someplace where we know Jesus was. However, the anointing that he was with could not be held down by the temporary marker. The soldiers were stones of the mind, placed there by the same group that wanted Jesus dead in the first place, to intimidate those that would try and steal the body of Jesus to have his resurrection faked.

The lesson for us to take from this is that there are places and times where we have blocks in our life, both mental and physical. And if we never challenge the power of the grave, we will stay in the tomb that someone else has placed us in. But in the example of Jesus, we have an example of the power to move the stones that hold us down.


For reference sake, I did pull up some comparisons between Stone and Rock, interesting…

Stone vs Rock

The stones can be pelted easily but one cannot do so with rocks. The rocks are normally immovable and it needs much effort. On the other hand, stones are movable and only less effort is needed.

Rocks are hard materials that are found on the earth’s crust. The rocks can be found above the ground as well as below the ground. Stones are non-metallic minerals. A stone is formed from rocks after it has been trimmed or dressed or polished into tiny pieces.

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