Time of Reflection


Here comes the New Year


Christmas is over and the year is winding down. As 2016 comes to a close we once again have the oppurtunity to look bak of the past year and analyze just how it went. Whether it is good or bad you have to be able to honestly look at the actions, inactions, moves, and decisions that have made this year what it is. There are a few reasons why this is a good idea:


On the seventh day of the beginning of everything God did something that we are still learning today… to appreciate all the work that one has put into to making a thing and being happy with it. In this 24 hour society that we live in, there ofter “appears” to be a  shortage of time to smell the roses. But this is one of the most important aspects of the life that we live in. If you dont take time to appreciate the work that is going on, they way are you doing the work in the first place?


How did that day go? How did that decision change the outcome? How did that make you feel? I consider myself a life long student of life so I feel like there are always things that I can learn. Whether you do it constantly or you have a debrief from time to time, you want to take some notes on the life you are living and solidify some of the lessons learned. Interesting things happen in a year and you should not like a great lesson go to waste. Life is the best school there is and the tuition is fairly cheap.


All that learning and appreciating has a point, doesn’t it? Of course it does!!!! Improving the process is how the we are a race of people progress. If we dont improve, then we are just going around in circles.

So if you tried to start a savings account for yourself this year and you only got up to $50, then  put this formula to task.

  1. Appreciate that you got it started and Celebrate the victory of making a move you hadn’t made before.
  2. Learn from the lessons both in getting it started and keeping it going.
  3. Improve the process using the lessons. How can you save twice that? Is there a better place to keep it?

Over all, this process is probably something that you do all the time, but the end of the year is a great time where are all thinking about it and a good time to re-tool and get ready for the new year.


Peace and Blessings